The Ellis Lives!

Twilight zoneI finally got my blog up and running. I just want to make sure that all of my slaves……er…students can keep up with all of the exciting news concerning me. Yes, I know all of you love and think about me constantly, I’m sure if they decided to make a magazine about me (I think it would be called “The Great One” or something like that.) that all of my wonderful salv…er students would run out and buy several copies.

We are quickly coming up to our annual holiday the Newollah Oz Fest ! This holiday originated with the 7th grade class of 2001 and celebrates the joy of being in Mr. Ellis’s donut class. By the way, if you are starting to get a little chubby don’t blame me. I only brought the luscious and wonderful chocolate covered goodies to class to see if you really would eat them. I had no intention of feeding them to you. Go sue McDonald’s. They intended to sell you those hamburgers, fries and higher health insurance costs.

The Agenda

This Friday we have a test (Oct. 26, 2007). You all should have donut stained study guides by now. The pages of the guide should have sweat stains and be all crumpled up because you have been sleeping and eating and working over these notes for the last 2 weeks.

No quiz this week. Why? Because I love you.

11th and 8th Grade Classes will be looking at the War of 1812 this week and the 7th and 10th grades will be exploring the Roman VS Carthage Wrestling Extravaganza of all time called The Punic Wars!!!!

Well, that’s all for now. Don’t forget to leave your questions and comments.

Get it on!!!!


3 Responses to “The Ellis Lives!”

  1. Jake MIller Says:

    THe Twilight Zones awesome, i was on a field trip last year, and we were stuck in traffic for 6 hours, and we watched the twilight zone like the whole time.

  2. Patt Cornett Says:

    You are truly a genius! My sons would love the comic book connection! Keep on rocking your world! You’re awesome! I for one loved the Twilight Zone before it was fashionable!

  3. mellis1957 Says:

    Thanks Pat!

    Of course, I was actually too young to remember the Twilight Zone myself. You were probably in college when the TV first appeared at the Worlds Fair and Thomas Edison said it wouldn’t work.

    Anyway, thanks so much for the kind comments.

    Get some rest or Geritol.

    Love, Marky

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