Introducing Your Favorite Teacher, Mr. Ellis

The Ellis

I decided to post something about myself because I am so well loved by all of you. I often gaze at myself in the mirror and admire the man I have become. It is not easy being so handsome either, I want you to know. People like Tom Cruise call me up at all hours of the night begging me for beauty secrets. I tell him it’s all in the attitude and confidence that you display, however it does help having natural, God given features.

But, enough about my sheer, breath taking good looks, I’m sure all of you little people out there want to know more about me.

Comic Books

The most important thing to know about me is I love comic books. When I was a kid, my favorite comic book artist was Jack Kirby. Jack Kirby was a Jewish man that has gone down in history as being the “king” of comics. As a matter of fact Jack was often called Jack “King” Kirby and signed his name that way because it was his nickname in the comics world. The reason he was so popular, is because he could draw about 10 comics a month. Ever hear of The Hulk? How about Thor? X-Men, Captain America, fantastic 4, The Avengers, Iron Man? Jack along with writer and editor Stan Lee created them all!

Not only that be he was the most awesome artist ever!!!

Silver Surfer

Kirby was amazing! Not only did he churn out about 10 different comics a month, but he also had incredible drawing talent and style. One of the things Jack did was he introduced the two page splash. Usually about the second and third pages, he would have an entire two pages of artwork that was connected into one big piece of art!!!

This is an example of two page art by Jack Kirby. This is from one of the comics he did for DC comics that he wrote and drew.


Sadly, Jack Kirby died in 1994 at the age of 77.  Even though most people have seen many of the characters that Kirby created, they know nothing about him.   Not only did he create a lot of incredible characters, but he inspired so many people that his influence can be felt everywhere in comics, stories and especially movies.  (If you don’t believe me compare Jack’s most famous villan, Dr. Doom to Lucas’s Darth Vader.)

Anyway, you can learn more about Jack Kirby here: JACK KIRBY  

Or you can see some of Kirby’s great art work here: Kirby Museum

My next Blog post about me is so wonderful and fascinating you would be crazy to miss it!

 Get it on!!! 


One Response to “Introducing Your Favorite Teacher, Mr. Ellis”

  1. Jake Miller (]\/[R. EM0) Says:

    lol. i have an uncle, hes an artist, and he has a bunch of comics, and he loves jack kirby.

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