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It’s Almost Christmas!!

December 10, 2008
Santa says, Bring It Foo!

Santa says, "Bring It Foo!"

Not only is it almost Christmas, but it is also the end of the 9 weeks and the semester as well.  That means that most of you should be finishing up your Webquests and studying for your mid-term tests!  Ha Ha Ha …er …should I say, Ho Ho Ho !  If I don’t get the chance, I want to wish all of your families a Merry Christmas! 

The students have all worked very hard to get their Webquests and the the 7th and 8th grade classes have been working diligently on their Historical Super Hero Challenge (HSHC) !  I have sent my evaluations to Boise State University so that the professors can see if I can properly lead, teach and evaluate my students. ( Don’t worry the names have been changed tro protect the innocent)  The 7th and 8th graders work will probably appear on the BGBS website around Christmas, or as soon as I can get the projects on there.
Anyway, I hope I can get a couple more Blog posts into this place before I drink too much egg nog (with my secret Whamo – Powder!)
God Bless and Merry Christmas!
Mr. Ellis